I hope you will come see more of me...!

         I'm Vera... the founder of the Diablo Sun Devils Naturist Club and I am a naturist who loves being nude almost anywhere.  I really enjoy the wonderful freedom of naturism... as well as it's many health benefits.  I came here from Bulgaria where the beaches have been clothing optional for hundreds and hundreds of years... where nude sun bathing is considered a normal... healthy and beautiful activity and an important part of life.  I've always been comfortable enjoying the many benefits of a nude lifestyle as well as my own sexuality... and if you are a naturist... or even if you just have a wholesome and healthy interest in social nudism... I invite you join the Sun Devils to see and learn lots more about me as well as about the glorious freedom... excitement... and many joys and benefits of nude recreation which is one of the fastest growing forms of recreation in the United States today..!

 I am very happy you are a member of our club... so I can tell you lots more about me.  As you already know... I am Vera and I am  from Bulgaria... a part of Europe where the beaches have been clothing optional for over 1300 years.  Where nude sun bathing in a public park or nearly anywhere else is considered a normal and healthy activity... and not some kind of a crime.  In Bulgaria I was always been completely comfortable and relaxed being around social and recreational nudity.  A woman's body... as well as her sexuality... are considered things of great beauty where I am from.  I would like to share the  experience of how I first started enjoying the freedom and the exhilarating joy of nudism with you... because having been brought up and raised under the heavy hand of communism... it was a truly a liberating and sensational awakening for me... a day that I will never forget..!

It all started on one very hot summer day when me and my husband were trying to find a nice beach on the California Coast near Santa Cruz to have a relaxing picnic and cool off.  We accidentally stumbled on a beach called "Hole in the Wall Beach"... (if you click on this link to hole in the wall... be sure and click on the center picture when you get there).  Hole in the wall is adjacent to "Panther Beach"... and has the reputation of being the most naturally beautiful beach on the entire California Coast... as you can see from many of these photos it is absolutely lovely here.  When we came through the "Hole in the Wall" and onto the beach we could see it was absolutely spectacular in it's natural beauty... a truly wondrous place that I have come to love.  We could also see that it had a great deal more nature than we had really bargained for... in as much as there were a great many naked people here.  Obviously this beach was clothing optional as more than half of the women... men and family's on the beach were nude and seemed to be having a wonderful time playing in the surf.  We could also see that it was a beautiful beach with sensational natural rock formations... so why not we thought... and we put our stuff down on the sand and laid out our towels.  My husband then took a chilled bottle of wine from the cooler and poured me a glass... and when he turned around to hand it to me he  was somewhat shocked to find me standing there... wearing just a big smile on my face and absolutely nothing else at all.  I had simply taken off my bikini and was absolutely... completely... except for my hat... stark naked..!  I sure can't blame my husband for being so surprised... after all... I had told him that even though I have always been very comfortable and very much enjoyed being in the company of nudist men or women... I had never... and would never... ever... take my own clothing off in public.  It was simply something I would never do.  But... something came over me that day... and for some reason I thought... why not... nearly everyone else is naked and my husband will probably love it... so I just took off all of my clothes..?

It felt a little strange at first... even though I had been with nude friends on the beaches of the Black Sea Coast hundreds of times  where I grew up in Europe.  Within a few minutes I was overwhelmed at how wonderful... natural... and beautiful I actually felt..!  I loved feeling the warm sun caress my skin... the ocean breeze playing with my hair... and the salt water mist gently touching every part of my now tingling nude body.  To me the strangest part of all was that it felt so wonderful... exciting... and so completely normal and natural... like this was how it was always supposed to be.  My goodness I thought... why in the world had I waited so long... why had I never tried this before..?  After only a few minutes I was completely comfortable and overwhelmed at how joyful and excited I felt being nude in front of my husband and all of the other people on the beach..!

I really wish I could share with you the freedom and joy I felt that day... and the incredible sensation of feeling my human and feminine senses awakened... but somehow I don't think words can describe the beauty of it..!

The next time I went to our yard to get some sun... I went nude.  Soon I wanted to go somewhere... anywhere... where we could just be nude  and natural again..!  Where we could be around other people who enjoyed being nude.  So... we decided to go to our first nudist club and the following weekend we attended their Hawaiian Luau... it was just wonderful.  We went to a river in the Sierra's and again found a great place.  I took off my clothes... smiled and started a conversation with several people without even giving it a thought... we had a wonderful day and made several new friends there.  We went back several times after that... and each time it felt even more wonderful.  We visited several beautiful nude resorts... have always had a wonderful time... and have met many truly lovely people.  Now I am like many other women I have met... I don't even want to vacation to a place where I have to wear clothes again.

Soon we decided to visit a nudist resort... it was wonderful and we loved it as well.  My husband has always enjoyed photography so we took some pictures and started creating a personal web page.  After several  people just happened to find it and send us e-mail we decided to take our names off of the page and just call it "Diablo Sun Devils"... as we live at the foot of Mount Diablo (Devil Mountain) here in California.  Soon we received even more e-mail...  from complete strangers... saying they loved our page and wanted to join the Sun Devils..?   A few women friends that wanted to learn how to be comfortable with and enjoy nudity asked for my help... so I took them with us to hole in the wall beach... and many other nude places.  A small group of the Sun Devils began to form and soon... because of many wonderful people who joined us whenever we went to a nude beach... river... or other spot... the whole thing started taking on a life of it's own.  Almost by accident... the "Diablo Sun Devils" nudist club was born..!

Diablo Sun Devils Naturist Club

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