Whose form is it which radiates a winsom grace...

Whose form is it which radiates
A winsome grace, and equipoise-
With noble visage and gentle tastes;
Whose lilting cadence lifts 'bove the noise?

Who is she that does display
A dazzling smile; chaste pearls in symmetry,
Dispelling all thoughts of rankling dismay
With a Charmer's flair and artistry?

'Tis Vera a Presence who stands far yonder
Whose likeness is a shimmering vision
Illumined warmly; as we gaze in wonder
At this Queen of the sands and the swell'd ocean.
Let none be roused to speak against her
May no vile challenge e'er be sowed.
No repugnant stance nor malignant leer
Should assail the sanctity she's bestowed.

To whom attribute, this golden iridescence?
She's statuesque, soft and unadorned -
From her velveteen crown and shining glamoressence
To the cutest, sweet ankle ever turned!

Such perfect lips were never unfurled
'Neath so silken and sacred a mound.
So engaging a contour has never been revealed-
A navel as where honey would abound.

'Tis Vera "The Feminine" who beckons from yonder
Whose look is a glimpse of magnificence,
She reaches forth with delight and wonder
To share her Joy, and Radiance.
Let none be roused to mock or debase her
May no words that are careless, be sowed.
No repugnant taunt nor malignant leer
Should sully the respect she's owed.

Pert and alert, twin doves with dark eyes
Do such fairness as her bosom form;
No sculptor's chisel nor shaper's device
Can duplicate her rare alabaster charm.

Such fullness of form and appealing gesture
Offer us fragrance of the Creator's delight.
Where she reclines in repose in a quiet little pasture
Ah! "What a miracle" we say, "greets our sight!"

'Tis Vera "Her Loveliness" who walks over yonder,
Whose lissomness is the soul of a gazelle
Who frolics and gambols where waters meander-
She's a Queen, the lively "La plus belle".
Let no one breathe a contrary word;
Rather, her kindness breed love 'mongst us all..!
May the ecstasy communicated all abroad
Reach our hearts to respond to that call..!

...she's a Queen... the lively "La plus belle"..!

Lovely Nipple Jewelry..!

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