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The laws need to be changed... we have the right to show our breasts or take off our tops virtually  everywhere aClick Here to see more..! man does... and I do mean everywhere... because that is an equal right women should have just as men do..!

A mans chest is not a sexual organ... and a woman's chest is not a sexual organ either... it really bothers me to see and meet so many women here in the United States who are so afraid to take off their top and show the femininity of their chest when every man around can show the masculinity of their chest nearly any time and any place they feel like it.  Does anyone really believe women wouldn't like to take off their swim suit top at a public beach... of course they would... because it just feels so much nicer.  I take mine off almost anywhere... and I wear see through blouses... and show off my breasts and nipple jewelry... because I really enjoy it... and because I don't think you should have to have a penis to be topless.  Click on any of my pictures here and you will see what I mean...!

I love showing my nipples when I dress..!

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