We had aHe was dying to look at my nipple up close..! great time visiting and partying along the way so it took us four hours...  which was just fine because we really had lots of fun.  We have some great plans for next year so that everyone can have fun... we will all stay together... and it will be one big block party that crosses the entire city... from the San Francisco Bay... to the Breakers of the Pacific Ocean.  We will have our own Diablo Sun Devil group... with our own Sun Devil caps... visors and even horns... and you can wear anything you want... or nothing at all if you like..!  We will not be demonstrating... we will be having a great nude party... so who cares how long it takes us to finish..?  We would also like to have several support people along the way... to great us with lots of beer... to take photos... and to transfer us to and have a picnic set up for us at Baker Beach... so if you don't want to do the Bay to Breakers race... maybe you would like to be part of our support team..?  Mark your calendar for May 15, 2005 and join us... and don't miss our fantastic Bay to Breakers Photo Gallery..!

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