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Hello... I made it... and what a great experience..!

Good Going.... Sun Devil Greg has been wanting to do the Bay 2 Breakers nude for a very long time... he trained and trained well to be ready for this event.  But just prior to the race he hurt his leg very badly... and it seemed it would be impossible for him to do it.  Yet when the day came... he was there for the race... and here he is at mile seven.  For him it was a grueling race... his leg in horrible shape... using a cane... but at this point the finish was only a couple of hundred yards off and he knew he would make it.  He finished the race and completed his dream on this day.  We really don't know where he placed in a field of over 70 thousand people... who cares... all we know is he did it... that's all that counts and he had a really great time..!

"Congratulations Greg"

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