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I love my Kitty Prettie..!

The Kitty Prettie is self-adhesive intimate body jewelry for the vagina that you simply peel and press in place to experience the elegance of enhancing the most beautiful... feminine and desired part of your body... your prettie kitty..!  Try one and see just how much fun and excitement you can have showing off your kitty.  The guys absolutely love them and I assure you... if you try them you will surely be back for more..!

We also have "Titty Pretties" you will love..!

The "Encore Kitty Prettie" is lovely... so very sweet... sexy and exciting... its an absolute favorite for Brides to wear on a wedding night... or any night you want to please and be pleased as you may never have experienced before. Your brain is the most important part of great love making... and when you have your Kitty packaged as pretty as this... well lets just say your partner is going to have a lot on his mind..!  It really is my favorite to wear for any exciting occasion... and it's even more special when worn with the "Decadent Nipple Jewelry"... which many Brides do as well.  This Kitty Prettie will make the most exciting... desirable and feminine part of your body simply irresistible... and for a Wedding Night... actually for any night... that can be truly spectacular. Many ladies order a couple of these as a gift for a girlfriend who is getting married... but by all means be sure and get one for you also..!

This is the "Envy Kitty Prettie" design... looking very lovely on our prettyClick Here..! Sun Devil Adriana who is modeling it for us.  This is one of my favorite styles... it looks just darling with the "Deidre Titty Prettie" and everyone absolutely loves them together.  All of our Kitty Pretties make the most exciting and desirable part of your body look simply  irresistible and it is fun wearing the Kitty Prettie along with a set of Titty Pretties to a naturist party... nude social event or nude party.  Try one and let us know what a wonderful time you had... because you will order more..!

The sensational "Lust Kitty Prettie" looks just soClick Here to See More..! very adorable on the "Pretty Kitties" of our lovely Sun Devil LadiesClick Here who are modeling them for us... one of which is a very popular "Belly Dancer".  I want to say this is one of my very favorite styles... but in reality... they all are.  I just love them and every woman who has ordered them re-orders regularly as they love them too..!  As I said before... Kitty Pretties make the most exciting part of your body irresistible... and when combined with a nice pair of "Titty Pretties"... well... you just may have the most exciting night of your life... many women do..!  

TheClick Here to See More..! sensational "Taboo Kitty Prettie" looks just adorable on the Sun Devil Arianna... at it is very popular... in fact it is one of our best sellers on a consistent basis... and everyone seems to love it.  It's fun wearing only a Kitty Prettie under your skirt and to surprise your special guy... or several of them... buy lifting your skirt at just the right time... then just watch the sparks fly..!  Kitty Pretties really are lots of fun and when worn alone with a nice set of Titty Pretties makes for a sensational outfit when you want to enjoy a romantic and intimate evening with someone special..!

The "Vixen Kitty Prettie" is another lovely design... and is a favoriteVixen Kitty Prettie... $8.95..! styles of mine as well as our best seller.  All of our lovely Kitty Pretties will make your pretty pussy look absolutely irresistible... and I really enjoy that allot..!  It really is fun wearing a Kitty Prettie under your skirt... and it's very exciting even if you never show it off to anyone... but you will want to... because that is exciting also..!  Wear it to a nude party or any social event for that matter and just watch the guys go crazy when you manage to give them a little peak..!

Don't miss our "Titty Pretties" you will love them..!

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