Come and play with me... you will love it..!

Our beautiful Sexy Sun Devil Duckies are here... and seducktion describes them perfectly as they will seduce you at the drop of a pin..!  The original "I Rub My Duckie" and the "Red Devil I Rub My Duckie"... which is my personal favorite because she is not innocent at all and I love herWow... I Rub My Duckie and love every minute of it..! playing with me and giving me a sensational orgasm in the hot tub... she drives me nearly crazy..!  She was the winner of this year's SexYou will be saying "I Rub My Duckie" and loving it..! Toy of the Year award... and Cosmopolitan Sex Toy of the Month.  Totally waterproof... you turn these horny Duckies on by simply squeezing their back and they become fantastic clitoral stimulators that will simply drive you wild with excitement as they have a powerful and very quite low frequency vibration that will really turn you on and get you off.  They are the most discreet vibrators available with incredible vibrations in their head and tail which you and your nudist friends will really enjoy in the hot tub... spa... pool or even in your bathtub.  These are Devil Duckies gone bad... so bad the guys even love them and they are great as a general purpose massager also.  Everyone will absolutely adore this Devilish seductive playmate... so don't even think about ordering just one... because once you have yours you are going to want one as a gift for every close friend you have and they make sensational gifts.  Be sure and order at least two... maybe even more than that... you sure won't be sorry you did..!

Here is my favorite... theRed Devil Duckie Vibrator -  $29.95 "Red Devil I Rub My Duckie"... she is just a darling little Devil Duckie you really must have because if you don't you will simply never know all of the wonderful sensations you are missing in the water.  She is a very seducktive and powerful clitoral stimulator and personal vibrator but no one will ever know if you don't tell them.  She is very quite and discreet... even though you may find it impossible to be... and she will bring you lots of exciting and very erotic fun.  I keep one in my bath... and two in my hot tub... so they are always there for me... and sometimes for my friends... whenever we want to rub our duckies and have some good clean sexually exciting fun..!  She really is a wonderful toy and she makes an absolutely sensational gift for anyone... and every woman I know just loves her as she will bring you a lot of Joy... $29.95..!

The traditional Rubber Duck is essential for any aquatic recreation... or at least it was until the arrival of "I Rub My Duckie"... the rubber duck with a secretI Rub My Duckie - $24.95 weapon beneath her hood. Dubbed a personal massager... this Prozac-faced yellow peril houses a powerful motor that provides the user with an unlimited (well... two AA batteries kind of unlimited) source of soothing... vibrating enjoyment.  This banana boat of oscillating leisure is fully waterproof and rather than exposing sensitive electronics to that most efficient of conductors... water... this quacked up little toy is turned on and off by squeezing her back... operating a switch firmly tucked inside his rubbery torso.  She is a powerful clitoral vibrator... but no one will ever know if you don't show them... because she is very quite and discreet.  I keep one in my hot tub to drive me wild.  She is also a wonderful sex toy and makes a sensational gift which will bring any lady a lot of sexy excitement... $24.95..!

Here Sun Devil Duckie $4.95 she is... Sun Devil Duckie... and we think she is just a delightful little lady... don't you..?  The first time I laid eyes on her was when we were there for our nude at the river outing and Sun Devils John and Donna gave her to me as a welcome gift to there town of Nevada City... as well as a sensational bottle of Chardonnay from the Nevada City Winery.  From the moment I saw her I realized she would be a symbol of what our club is about... $4.95..!

Look 6 Baby Sun Devil Ducklings - $8.95what we have here... two bags containing six Baby Sun Devil Duckies... just like mom but just a little smaller.  I have Sun Devil Duckie and her three babies floating in our hot tub and when someone asks about them... which they always will because of the horns... I tell them all about our club..!  When you order these you will get two bags... which is six little duckies... so you will have some to give to friends.  Then... you can start a conversation about social nudism as well... $8.95..!

We also Small Sun Devil Duckie Ornament - $2.95have another little one... our Sun Devil Duckie Ornament which is the same as the little Sun Devil Duckie but it has a cord attached so you can hang it over your rear view mirror or some other such place.  Who knows... I may just decorate my entire Christmas tree with them this year because she is so darling... $2.95..!

We Sun Devil Duckie Key Chain - $5.95even have the small one as our Sun Devil Duckie Key Chain... but they are even better to use on zippers... I have one hooked to my gym bag... travel bag... cosmetic bag... on my house keys... and nearly everywhere else as well.  One is always with me... and people are always asking me about it... $5.95..!

We also Pretty In Pink Devil Duckie - $4.95have some other's... our Pretty in Pink Devil Duckie is just darling and she is also so sweet... you just must have this one.  She is very devilish and I have not yet met a lady that just didn't love her and want one... or two or three..!  This beautiful specimen will be in the welcome package for each new Five Star Member of our club.  She really does make a splendid gift... $4.95..!

Just look Camo Devil Duckie - $4.95at the Camo Devil Duckie will you..!  I told my husband I thought it would be great to take duck hunting.  I won't tell you what he said about that... but I guess I have a lot to learn about duck hunting apparently.  Anyway... he looks sensational as far as I am concerned... and can take a bath with me anytime..!  $4.95

This Frostbite Blue Devil Duckie - $4.95one is Frostbite Blue Devil Duckie and I think all of the guys will love this one.  I know the name sounds a little like a condition they get sometimes... and they may feel somewhat frostbitten when they always show up at our events without a lady friend... but he is still really cute..!  Why don't you get him one as a gift so he has a rubber duck too... $4.95..?

My husband Hot Rod Devil Duckie - $4.95Rod loves our Hot Rod Devil Duckie... gee... I wonder why..?  He says because it has custom flames painted down the sides and he really looks like a macho duck.  It is really pretty... and no matter how macho your guy is he can't feel bad about owning this one..!  Besides... one of our members says it gets women to ask about him and leads to a conversation about social nudism every time... $4.95..!

How Black Devil Duckie - $4.95about the Black Devil Duckie... it is really a lovely duck and allot of people think he is one of the prettiest that we have.  Many of the men and women in our club think he is hands down own of the best... and he is certainly very colorful with the orange detailing everywhere.  This is the first black duck I have ever had... and I like him... $4.95..!

We now Purple Devil Duckie - $4.95have a beautiful Purple Devil Duckie and I am really thrilled at how lovely this one is.  His photos don't do him justice... because it is just so bright and gay.  I have one... and so do lots of other people who have ordered him.  I think he makes a great gift so why don't you pick up a couple... $4.95..?

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