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I Really Love It When You Send Me Your Photos..!

Whether you're a member sending photos for your private members page... a guest who would like to have your pictures appear on a guest page... or even someone who would just like to send a photo for our eyes only which is always fun... simply e-mail them to me and state your desires...

...if you would like your photos are to be on our site tell us so... and they should be in the largest size you have and of high quality.  They should depict the fun... joy and excitement of being nude in one form or another and be sure the material you send us is yours.  We do not accept images of persons under 18 years of age... and we will not use any images which might be considered pornography on our site.  We reserve the right to use or not to use your photographic contributions on our web site without any further explanation.

Should you have any questions or if we may be of help in any way... please don't hesitate to contact us..!

Are you like me... fantasizing about being treated like "queen" while modeling nude..?  If so... here's your chance to be pampered and having some real fun..!

Rod is a great nude photographer and not only has lots of experience... but he knows how to make a woman feel completely comfortable and relaxed while he's doing it.  He's now available to photograph you in indoor or outdoor settings.  Wear nothing... or your own sexy lingerie if your prefer... but you will relax and have fun.  Who knows... you may even fulfill your fantasy to be a sexy model..!

Some of our ladies prefer to be in a more public place such as a beach... park or forest... while others like to attend one of our planned photo shoots with several other women.  If you have an idea for a special session... or if you have questions... give him a call and see if he can accommodate you.

Simply click on the email link below... or call Rod at 775-622-0034..!

Diablo Sun Devils Naturist Club

Sweet Kissable Nipples

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