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Having been born and raised in a socialist country under the heavy hand of communism I truly value freedom... not just for me... but for every man woman and child on the face of this earth.  I am now a United States Citizen.  I am very proud of that... and very proud of the United States of America... my new country.  I do not take my freedom here lightly and I hope you will join with me in supporting the United States Government... and all of the troops and allied forces overseas who are protecting us and our cherished freedom.  They are protecting the people of the world from the terror and oppression brought on by criminal terrorists and dictators.  I am proud of the United States... and of my former country... Bulgaria... which has now found freedom in a democratic republic.  Bulgaria and many other countries have joined with the United States to fight the criminals and dictators that support terror... and for that I am thankful.  No one wants war... including me... but I thank God the United States has the strength and moral conviction to do what is right and what has been needed for a very long time.

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